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Our body is continuously exposed to different kinds of stress. Physical and emotional stress carried the body to a continuous state of disassimilation, destruction. This cause a constant state of acidity particularly in the muscles. This acidity state causes a number of complications in the body and prevents that  the body mantains an optimum balance and causes it to experience a continuous concern and complainins. Our treatments help the body to find the optimal balance again.  

The basis of these treatments are medical basic knowledge together with the knowledge and application of Eastern philosophies. So we help the body to find again its original health status. Such treatments serve both for relaxation (e.g. a body relaxation massage) as therapeutic treatment (e.g. problems of back, tension in the neck or shoulder or elbow pain). Each treatment is specifically adapted to the needs, taking into account not only the person but also to its sorroundings. Treatments are effective for acute problems but also for chronic situations.



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