Natural Medicine

The Natural Medicine teaches the body to remember how it was when he was in perfect health.

Methods used in Natural Medicine:

  • Feeding tips and lifestyles Nutrition and lifestyle advice (Hippocrates, the first doctor of history said always “Make from your food your own medicine”.
  • Fytotherapy: use of the healing power of plants.
  • Aromatherapy: use of essential oils extracted from different parts of plants.) These are used more than all during the massage. 
  • Flower remedies: use of the healing power of flowers.
  • Iriscopy: is a method of diagnose used in preventive treatments. The eye is a very effective reflective area of the body. When the eye looks through a microscope, you can see irregularities in the organs of the body. You can also see the quality and conditions of the body, even when complaints are not being experienced at that moment.
  • Color therapy: this method uses colors to each specific undesirable situation in the body.

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