Practice for naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine

During the course of the year are organized the following events:

• Make from your food your own medicine

All, absolutely everything that we are and what surrounds us is there to help us maintain balance in our being.

Unfortunately the knowledge and wisdom to use these gifts, have been blurring through the centuries, we have been ignoring them gradually. But they are there, dormant, waiting to be again discovered and used for our well-being.

My mission for these workshops is to bring back to your memory these memories so pleasant and so valuable to our existence. Yes, because what we have done is to forget them, they always have been there waiting to be recognized. 

• Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has never be only a summary of techniques or formulas. She has been always characterized by being in relation to the all great, Hollistic. Thoughts and philosophies of the reality and the truth. Models of thinking about what is the knowledge of nature and what it represents, are used together with research of the human body and its functioning.

From this point of view are formulated thoughts and strategies to influence the Qi (energy that runs throughout the body and that when this is not balanced (healthy) means in this philosophy that the Qi is obstructed and cannot flow freely). The two basic concepts of this philosophy Yin and Yang play an important role.  

These courses are introduction to all the basic rules of this philosophy, are interactive with practical examples.

• Massage

The relaxing and therapeutic effect of a massage is intimately related to the need to move away from our body tensions and stress that we daily accumulate.

During these twenty years, I have been continually acquiring skills in different types of massages to the point of having developed my own way of massage. Due to the comments of many people and very grateful for this, I have decided to transmit this knowledge to you. 

Allow me to pass on this knowledge also to you.

• Meditation

Meditation usually refers to the idea that we must be sitting, quiet, no noise, with lighted candles, and listening to soft music for example. 

In these new times, we are increasingly waking up to the reality of finding us meditating in moments in which we must not necessarily meet all of these requirements. 

Through long years in these countries far and originally foreign to me, I have had the happy opportunity to learn and develop different kinds of techniques of meditation.

While I was learning these methods I also understood that the most important thing for human beings is trying by all means, to be in harmony with their environment, balancing their polarities and therefore avoid as far as possible that they are exceeded or suffer a detriment (these polarities are known as Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy). When this happens, the system loses its dynamism and energy (Qi) is blocking on its journey through the body. 

My goal during the workshops is to teach accordingly to achieve the optimal balance of being.  My methods of meditation are not actually a conventional system, but a series of situations created to find this balance in our system. 

While sharing these knowledge during the workshops, I have found that people find these new forms of meditation pleasant and are each time more open to this kind of new ideas.

• Qi Gong (see Qi Gong)

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