Additional Techniques

Depending on the situation of each person, in the course of treatment are used various techniques.
Therapies such as Moxa (see photo), Cupping, Acupressure, Clay or mud compresses, warm compresses and massages with hot stones are used when it is necessary to optimize the benefits of the treatment.

Moxa Therapy is one of the pillars of the Chinese and Japanese medicine. Moxa is a herb, the Mugwort herb (artemisia vulgaris) and has warming properties. Moxa is applied in different ways. It can be placed on the skin as small pyramids, a cigar of moxa can above the skin or against an acupuncture needle be held or a lamp with the same warming properties set to the body. Moxa is thus adding to acupuncture points to improve treatments.

Cupping is a very old treatment method. Is a traditional body work that in both Western and Oriental medicine is used. The intent is to take the “impure” out the body. Cupping stimulates blood circulation and removes blockages of Qi. The shamans did it with the horns of animals. Nowadays glasses and also glasses with different pump systems are used.

Color therapy
As we all know depressions are treated with color therapy.                                 
What does colour therapy?
Each colour has a specific effect. With some colors you’ll be merry: Orange and red for example, work stimulating and bring you on the move. With blue you become quiet and works well against stress and high blood pressure.                       

Color therapy or color puncture is a form of light therapy, developed by Peter Mandel. During the treatment uses a trained therapist a special light pen on (acupuncture) points and zones on the skin of the client. Depending on the analysis and complaint is a specific color radiated. Color therapy is part of a colour puncture and combines the knowledge about the healing properties of light and colour with the doctrine of the life energy through meridians and acupuncture points from traditional Chinese medicine. Both movements seek to restore the harmony between Yin and Yang.

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